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2019 - A Year of New

Star Clippers Multi Photos A bit of Star Clippers joy

​At Star Clippers, we're excited this year for all the new happenings, from the relaunch of this our NEWly designed official blog and our summer 2020 itineraries that include Cambodia as our NEWest destination port, to the upcoming and long-awaited launch of our NEWest ship, Flying Clipper - the subject of a different blog post.

For now, we're happy to relaunch our blog, where we plan to provide you with more details about us - The ships, their personality, and what's like to sail on each one, what to do, what to pack; the destinations we'll take you on your voyages, and the excursions we've prepared to enrich your experience and provide more immersive opportunities; the theme cruises, lectures, and activities onboard for your enjoyment; our wonderful crew, who they are and what is like to live and work onboard our amazing ships. And, well, anything we can think you may be interested in! You're also welcomed to submit your ideas, recommended topics of discussion and stories to share with fellow Star Clippers' followers.

We decided on a simple format with large photos for your enjoyment. A decision was also made to make our posts more informative than in the past to provide you with as much detail as possible. Please check often as new blog posts are scheduled weekly. Follow us on our social media pages, like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter as we'll announce the new information available on our blog. We hope you enjoy reading it as much as we'll enjoy writing the stories for you.

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Star Clippers: Bali Eastbound Route

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