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On Royal Clipper the two tallest of the five masts are hinged so that mast tops can be easily cranked lower by 19 feet for clear passage under low bridges and power lines without interfering with the ship’s standing rigging.

Port of the Week: Kemer, Turkey

Kemer is a made-to-order resort carved from Turkey's pristine pine-shaded Mediterranean coast. Though not as large or elaborate as Mexico's Cancún, the principle at Kemer is the same: pick a favorable seaside location with little habitation and build a modern resort town.

The majority of people come to Kemer for sun and sea. The beaches are mostly large pebbles and stones, although the ones near the yacht marina and Yörük Parki (an anthropological park with a Turkish nomad theme) are of sand. Kemer can be a base for exploring nearby sites like Olimpos, Phaselis, Termessos, Perge and Aspendos.

Star Flyer calls at Kemer during its seven-night "Secret Turkey" cruises.

Postcards from a Royal Clipper Cruise

These were taken on the March 20 Caribbean cruise aboard Royal Clipper.

Postcards from Tahiti

Even though Star Flyer no longer sails in Tahiti, we still welcome photos of the ship in the region. Here are some that were taken in 2009.

Happy Hour Cocktail Special: Strawberry Fields Forever

It's Friday, and that means it's time for Happy Hour! Here is another one of our fabulous cocktails that we serve on board.


White Rum — 3 cl

Apricot Brandy — 1 cl

Strawberry mix — 4 cl

Pineapple Juice — 2 cl

Hurricane glass

Slice of orange with a cherry.

Blend all of the ingredients with ice cubes and pour into the glass. Enjoy!

More Photos from a Caribbean Cruise

Here are more photos from Jim and Eileen who sailed on Royal Clipper in March in the Caribbean.

Tobago Cays.

Tobago Cays.

A view from marina at Marigot Bay, St Lucia.

Marigot Bay, St. Lucia, with Royal Clipper.

St. Lucia.

A Piton on St. Lucia.

St. Lucia.

Fort de France, Martinique.

Postcards from a Caribbean Cruise

Liz sent us some photos from her recent Royal Clipper cruise in the Caribbean.

More to come in another post ...

Photos from the Beach Cleanup in St. Kitts

Here are a couple of photos from the beach cleanup in St. Kitts that we posted about a couple of weeks ago. Thanks to all of the Star Clippers guests who came out! It was a wonderful effort.

Happy Hour Cocktail Special: Ocean Cruiser

It's Friday, and that means it's time for Happy Hour! Here is another one of our fabulous cocktails that we serve on board.


Vodka — 3 cl

Midori — 1 cl

Grand Marnier — 1 cl

Sour Mix — 6 cl

Pineapple Juice — 6 cl

Hurricane glass

Pineapple with a cherry and umbrella.

Shake all of the ingredients with ice cubes and pour into the glass. Enjoy!

A Couple that Climbs Together ...

Jim and his wife, Eileen, sailed on Royal Clipper in March in the Caribbean. He took a lot of photos, and we're thrilled to share them with you over the next few posts. Enjoy, and thanks Jim!

Here are Jim and Eileen climbing the mast. It's one of the most popular activities offered on Star Clippers.

Eileen getting ready to climb.

Now it\'s Jim\'s turn.

Port of the Week: Kastellorizon, Greece

Kastellorizon is a collector’s item: it is some 80 miles east of Rhodes, normally considered the most easterly point of Greece, but only just over a mile from the south coast of Turkey. The harbor is small and pretty, with some good quay-side restaurants ... and there are good views from the top of the hill behind the town. It looks like a film set, and has been several times.

It also has a "Blue Grotto" to rival the famous one on Capri, but this has far fewer visitors.

Star Flyer calls at Kastellorizon on its seven-night "Secret Turkey" itinerary round-trip from Rhodes.

Postcards from a Caribbean Cruise

Here are a few pictures from my fifth Star Clippers cruise! Another wonderful cruise! Amalfi will be next...

Liz Seyferth

Captain Vlad with me and a friend.

A zipline tour.

Captain Lackowski (U.S. Navy) with Captain Vlad.

Happy Hour Cocktail Special: Bay Breeze

It's Friday, and that means it's time for Happy Hour! In this new feature, every Friday we're going to showcase one of the fabulous cocktails that we serve on board. Now you can be your own bartender and create them at home!


Vodka — 4 cl

Pineapple Juice — 6 cl

Cranberry Juice — 6 cl

Plain beer glass

A slice of orange with cherry.

Shake all ingredients with ice cubes and pour into the glass.


Royal Clipper Coming Into Port

We received this comment and photo from a Facebook request for photos of crew.

My best friend I enjoyed meeting Bosun Pereira Piedade on the Royal Clipper April 2010 in the Grenadines. Miss you!

Sailing Into the Sunset

Here are some photos from Anna Längström, a former Star Clippers crew member.

Sunset in Capri aboard Royal Clipper.

Sunset in Dubrovnik, Croatia, taken of Star Clipper from Royal Clipper.

Sailing from Hvar, Croatia.

Sailing Lingo Answer: Right Sailing

Yesterday we asked, what does “right sailing” mean and where did the term originate?

Right sailing refers to running a course on one of the cardinal points of a compass, only altering the latitude or longitude. An early meaning still often used is straight.

Sailing Lingo: Right Sailing

Today’s challenge is: Right Sailing. Do you know what this phrase means and how it originated?

Sailing Lingo aims to test your knowledge of the peculiar and sometimes indecipherable language of sailing. We pose a question and see who can answer it most accurately in the comments on the post. The following day we’ll post the answer to the question and save you some Googling.

Beach Cleanup to Help Leatherback Turtles

More than 70 passengers aboard spv Royal Clipper joined the ship’s on board marine biologist March 31 in St. Kitts for a beach cleanup. The passengers worked to improve turtle breeding grounds in North Friar’s Bay in preparation for the nesting season of the region’s endangered leatherback turtles later this month.

The effort was initiated by Star Clippers and is a collaboration with the St. Kitts Sea Turtle Monitoring Network and Kantours, St. Kitts. The passengers managed to collect and remove 652 pounds of garbage from the fragile turtle habitat. The trash was separated into garbage and recyclable items and hauled away.

“I'm really pleased with the level of participation by the passengers and the amount of trash we removed from the beach,” commented Royal Clipper’s biologist, Dr. Maranio Peruzzo. “We will continue to reach out to local conservation networks within our stops in the Caribbean and involve our guests in future beach clean up efforts.”

A Gorgeous Sunset on the Atlantic

I know you are asking for sunrise pictures right now, but these sunset pictures are too glorious not to share. — Harriet Hall.

Port of the Week: Quepos, Costa Rica

Quepos, Costa Rica.

Quepos, Costa Rica is a tropical inlet surrounded by lush rain forests just 100 miles from the capital of San Jose. Guests will want to explore the village center with its delightful six-block square of restaurants, bars, art galleries and gift shops, all fronted by the main beach. Fishermen on board will want to try their hand as Quepos is well-known for its bill fishing or for a a more adventures day the nearby Rio Naranjo is sure to entice river rafters. Quepos also is the gateway to Manuel Antonio National Park, the most popular National Park beach in Costa Rica, and an excellent way to spend the day enjoying the regions spectacular flora and fauna among its secluded beaches.

Star Flyer will call at Quepos during its seven-night Panama to Costa Rica cruise, November 14, 2010.