Port Spotlight: Grenada

[caption id="attachment_16678" align="aligncenter" width="550"]Royal Clipper at Grenada by Jean-Marc Papineau. Royal Clipper at Grenada by Jean-Marc Papineau.

Grenada, “the spice island”, has more spice per square mile than any other place in the world. The island is fragrant with cocoa, nutmeg, cloves, ginger and vanilla, to name but a few. Despite the abundance of such crops, Grenada is very diverse in its general make-up. The island is volcanic in origin and boasts lush mountains, rain forests, volcanic crater lakes, mangroves, beautiful beaches and delicate coral reefs.

Grenada’s history is similar to its neighbors. Columbus discovered it in 1498 and named it Conception. However, its lush green hills were so evocative of Andalusia that Spanish sailors, no doubt yearning for their homeland, changed the name to Granada. The French called it La Grenade, but it was the British who gave the island the name used to this day, “Grenada”.

The French and British battled for the island for almost 100 years before it was eventually ceded to the British in 1783. Grenada achieved independence in 1974. Several years later an attempt was made to establish a Communist state, which ended in the famed invasion of 1983. Although Grenada does cater heavily to tourism, there is a strong push to maintain the natural environment with one-sixth of the island’s land devoted to parks and nature sanctuaries.

On a call at Grenada enjoy a hike at Seven Sisters Waterfall, take a sailing excursion or hit the beach!

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