Sister Ships Meet in the Caribbean

Chis Owen of the popular blog Chris Cruises boarded Royal Clipper in Barbados. Chris is a travel-writer who focuses primarily on the cruise industry and he began live-tweeting, instagramming and blogging his experience aboard the largest full-rigged sailing ship in the world. Follow along with Chris' journey here, or join the conversation on Twitter, Instagram, or his own blog,
On the way to Cabrits in Dominica, we happened upon another ship with sails, smaller 172-passenger Star Clipper, little sister to our ship, Royal Clipper. As custom would have it, crewmembers gather on deck with the flags of their nations to salute one another. Under the watchful eye of Captain Tunikov, the two ships come close together for a while, with crew and passengers alike waving as songs from the variety of nationalities on board play.

It’s a huge photo opportunity for passengers, able to see a version of their ship up close while at sea. After nearly an hour together, the two ships parted ways as Star Clipper made her way to dock in Dominica and Royal Clipper would anchor not far away. While in port, crew members from either ship will come aboard, see old friends and have some special time during a rendezvous that happens every few weeks during the Caribbean season.










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Monday, 19 October 2020

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