Postcard From Montenegro

Thanks to Janet Blair for this beautiful shot of Star Clipper sailing into the Bay of Kotor!

"Sailed on Star Clipper through the Fjord to Kotor, Montenegro. Wonderful!!!" - Janet Blair

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Cruising Through the Bay of Kotor

[caption id="attachment_15783" align="aligncenter" width="550"] Photo of Star Clipper anchored at the Bay of Kotor by Rod Marten.

Sometimes there's beauty in the gloom. Rod Marten snapped this shot of Star Clipper anchored in the bay of Kotor and the tender coming to rescue the folks at shore from the spritz.

Rain or shine there's no doubt that Kotor, Montenegro, is a beautiful place! The mist rising from the mountains adds to the ambience and guests were happy to get cozy and dry once they reached the ship.

The following i san excerpt from Cruise Critic's profile of Kotor:

"You will be rewarded if you set your alarm for an early start at Kotor, Montenegro, because part of the fun is entering the Bay of Kotor and gliding for an hour through the mountains on a 17-mile waterway that some people call Europe's southernmost fjord.

It's not actually a fjord, as fjords are caused by glacial activity, and the Bay of Kotor is the result of an old river running from the interior to the Adriatic Sea. Still, the views are fjord-like, with mountains rising on both sides of a long, thin bay that leads to the old walled town of Kotor."

Have you sailed to Kotor on Star Clippers? Let us know what you thought in the comments below!
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