Happy Earth Day!

On this Earth Day we celebrate clean, green travel!

Star Clippers’ major source of energy — wind propulsion— is both abundant and emission free! Operating the world’s largest and tallest sailing vessels, Star Clippers sails under wind power whenever possible. This enables guests to experience a true tall ship sailing experience and the line to reduce its carbon footprint.

In the Caribbean during the winter months, where the wind is most predictable, the ships operate under wind power up to 70% of the time, thus minimizing use of auxiliary engines which also power the air-conditioning and provide electricity.

Sailing versus motor cruising means substantially lower fuel consumption and emissions. Using a figure of 60% average power coming from wind energy saves 1,839 gallons per day. That amounts to a reduction of 671,000 gallons per ship per year.

When Star Clippers ships do consume fuel, it is a less polluting grade. All the vessels only utilize very pure high-quality low-sulfur gas oil. For this, the line has been awarded the International Air Pollution Prevention Certificate. Star Flyer was the first ship in the world to receive this certificate, and later Star Clipper and Royal Clipper received the same certification.

Star Clippers' fleet is equipped with small low power, energy efficient caterpillar engines whose performance far exceeds the new requirements imposed by the international maritime organization. The engines on Star Clippers ships also are designed to exceed new regulations on exhaust gas emissions.

Additionally the line promotes sustainable seafood, recycling, and eco-friendly, biodegradable products onboard the ships among other green initiatives.

After all, we love the seas we sail and the lands we visit!

Do you love sailing the cleanest seas and to the purest destinations? Tell us what you think in the comments!

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