Visiting La Coruña, Spain

Cruise journalist and blogger Peter Knego continues his Star Flyer adventure with a second day in the Bay of Biscay and a port call at La Coruña, Spain. Enjoy!

Our second day in the Bay of Biscay began rather calmly, although the view from our porthole was looking a little tempestuous, with white caps hovering at the end of dark blue troughs. Somehow, the little Star Flyer was holding her own, albeit with a pronounced starboard list due to the wind in her sails.

Biscay Binnacle.

There was no sight of land ahead but we were only some 58 nautical miles away from our next port of call, La Coruña. As if to confirm that, an exhausted dove hitched a ride on the foredeck, doing her best to blend in with the myriad of ropes and capstans.

Dove in distress.

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