The Royal Marina

Thanks to travel agent James Bottoms for providing the photos in this post.

Watersports are an integral part of the Star Clippers experience but how do guests access the water from the deck so high? No need to walk the plank -- Royal Clipper's got a built-in marina! The marina drops from the stern of the ship and guests can take a spin in one of the zodiacs or dive in to the gorgeous Caribbean or Mediterranean waters.

This feature allows a truly special opportunity to swim in the middle of the ocean, a unique aspect of the Star Clippers experience.

On transatlantic sailings the ship stops in the middle of the ocean, many miles away from any civilization. A net is dropped for safety and guests are then able to take the plunge. Short of having a private yacht this is an experience few people are able to enjoy. In fact, if you consider the rarity of leisure ships crossing the ocean, it's something that just a select few have enjoyed throughout human history!

Star Clippers Ocean Crossing voyages happen only twice a year -- in the spring and fall -- as the fleet transitions between the Caribbean and Mediterranean and range from 14 to 22 nights.

Are you ready to take the dive? Or have you done so in the past? Let us know in the comments below!

These photos were taken by travel agent Jim Bottoms in the Caribbean.
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