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...when you are surrounded by all of these beautiful nautical images. Thanks to photographer Jack Hollingsworth for sharing them.

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Port of the Week: Piran, Slovenia

Royal Clipper calls at the port of Piran, Slovenia, this season, which is one of our special, off-the-beaten-path calls. Located on the tip of a long, tapering peninsula that projects like a lizard's tail into the Adriatic, Piran – the most Italianate of the coastal towns – is simply delightful. Having retained its compact medieval shape and character, the town is a tangle of arched alleys and tightly packed ranks of houses, fantastic Venetian-inspired architecture and exquisite little churches.

Tartini Square is the gem found in the very center of Piran. It was named after the famous violinist and composer Giuseppe Tartini, who made the town world-famous. His statue is located in the center of the square. Piran is surrounded by a circular wall and is a member of the European Walled Cities Association. The city of Piran is a national historical monument.

The Church of. St. George, the patron saint of Piran, rises above the town. From its lookout tower you have a wonderful view of Piran and its surroundings and all the way across the sea to the Croatian and Italian Coast.

Thanks to Yahoo! Travel and for their insight into Piran.

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Lounging at Beautiful Amalfi

Today Royal Clipper is at Amalfi, Italy. It's a gorgeous call with beautiful beaches and fabulous eateries.

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