The View From Here

Thanks to guests Francois Emond and Camille Bourque for sharing this fabulous photo of Star Clipper at Santorini!

We asked guests on Facebook to fill in the blank:

The view from here is ______________.

Here's what they had to say!

Mieke Tuijn: Stunning!

Adam Scott: Very familiar.

Miriam Kalaminksy: Maslanik: Classic!

Heather Ellis: Enticing!

Justin Schoeberlein: Inspiring.

Joanna Shorey Bradeen: Amazing.

Mimi Mary Skinner Auchter: Awesome!

Janet Blair: Beautiful!

Kristina Kaye Stockton: Serene.

AnnMarie Godwin: perfect in every possible way.

Linda Younger Walker: Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh ...

Maria Nygren: Breakthaking!

Ann Bjurmalm: Among the best in the Greek Islands!

Laurence Jacks: Forever.

How would you fill in the blank? Let us know in the comments below!

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Words of Wisdom Wednesday

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Chronicles of Greece

Brian Crisp has been a journalist for over 30 years. Although he's based out of New Zealand, he is on the road about half the year. Recently he discovered the delights of Greece and Turkey onboard Star Clipper. Read on for an excerpt of his travels. For the full story visit Chronicles of Brian.

Day 2 at sea
Thankfully I’m up too late for the exercise class but still in time for breakfast. Today is a sailing day. It is also our first safety briefing so at 10am, as the alarm sounds, about 170 guests, wearing bright orange life vests, head outside for a run through the safety procedures, an introduction to key staff and a familiarisation of on-board procedures.

The Star Clipper is meant to be a true sailing experience. It is not cruising, as most of us know it. It is not like the big ships with which we share the docks. You won’t find a casino on board. You won’t find any Las Vegas-style shows. It is very casual. It is the first morning and already most people are down to shorts and T-shirts. You can be as active as you like (there is something happening every hour on the hour), or you can sit back and enjoy a good book and watch the Aegean Sea and Greek coastline pass you by.

If you wish, you can help the crew by hoisting the sails, learn how to tie nautical knots or join the captain in the wheelhouse and take the helm.

The Aegean Sea is about 645km long and 290km wide. It is dotted with islands, including the Cyclades, Dodecanese and Sporades.

Day 5 Santorini, Greece

The view from the porthole this morning is a little confusing. The waves are swirling, the sea is heaving and, instead of sunlight what I’m seeing looks more like my front-loading washing machine.

We anchor at noon about 200m from the base of Santorini. We have three options walk up, up, up the mountain, go by donkey or take the funicular.

The latter wins. I felt sorry for the donkey.

Santorini, for good reason, is the Greece that most of us know. It is the stuff postcards are made of.

It owes its sublime landscape to an earthquake. Those white houses with blue domes really do cling to the cliffs like limpets. The streets are narrow and overflowing with tourists buying jewellery, trinkets and linen tablecloths.

It’s May, the temperature is climbing towards 30C and already it is crowded.

Talk filters through the town that Brad and Angelina have just arrived with their private jetload of offspring.

I can only image what this place is like in the peak of the holiday season. Even hotter and more crowded with celebrities and tourists.

We take refuge under cover at Cafe Classico, drink Mythos (the local beer) and get lost for several hours in the view.

Please visit Chronicles of Brian for the full story.

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