Postcards from Venice: Royal Clippers Sails In

Could sailing into Venice, Italy, be any more lovely?

The city is among the most romantic in the world.

Tien-Lun Yao spotted Star Clippers' flagship, Royal Clipper at the port as he was sailing away and again a week later.

Do you have a favorite port in which to sail? Let us know in the comments below!
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Royal Clipper Glows

Here's an excerpt of a glowing review from a guest, Tim, posted on Cruise Critic:

"Boarding the Royal Clipper in Venice, we knew we were in for a voyage of a lifetime, such a magnificent sailing ship with its 5 masts standing tall and erect. Champagne to welcome us as we made our way to our cabin on level 3 ... The cabin was superbly fitted out and a bottle of champagne and petite fours awaited us while unpacking. The Lounge, Dining area, Library and Bar areas are superb. The staff were great and always willing to help and put on a smile. The food was excellent and you were never left wanting.

Sailing out of Venice down the Grand Canal to the sounds of The Conquest of Paradise by Vangellis taken from the soundtrack of the film Vangellis 1492 was itself a memorable experience conjuring up all sorts of emotions within the passengers."

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Video: From Athens to Venice

From whitewashed Greek islands to narrow Venetian canals, this video by Helen and Albert Heinel captures the magic of a Star Clippers cruise. Take a look!

Mr.and Mrs. Heinel have taken many Star Clippers cruises and have been kind enough to share their wonderful videos. If you liked this one check out their other videos including Star Flyer Sails Southern France and Italy and Star Clipper Sailing the Leeward Islands!
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Star Clipper: An Artistic Approach

This photo was taken by guest Steve near Corfu on a Star Clipper sailing from Athens to Venice in 2009. Once home he edited the photo to achieve the sepia tone and shading. With these effects you can appreciate all the lines of the lovely ship!

Do you have an artistic photo or drawing you'd like to share? Email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.!
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A Tall Ship and a Star to Sail by

Photographer Andrew Horwitz sailed Royal Clipper this past summer.

He captured this magical photo from the deck at midnight as the ship sailed back toward Venice, and named it "A Tall Ship and a Star to Sail by". It is absolutely stunning -- thanks Andrew!

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Nancy's Not Near Philly Anymore

Nancy has been writing about her summer travels. Celebrating 46 years of marriage, she and her husband Joe left the city of brotherly love and landed in Venice, Italy, to begin their journey. She is sailing the Mediterranean aboard Royal Clipper, and was kind enough to share her experience with us. Below are some excerpts from her blog. For her whole story you can visit her personal blog Nancy Near Philadelphia.

Venice is a charming city. Everywhere there is water, and there are millions of narrow alleys and small footbridges over waterways. There are no cars; we took a water-bus from the airport to the hotel and a boat-cab later when we were ready to move on...There are police boats, ambulance boats, commercial delivery boats and although we didn't see one, hearse boats.

We left downtown Venice by water-taxi for a fifteen-or-twenty-minute ride. When we got to the pier, look who was waiting for us: Royal Clipper!

Before very long, we were settled into our lovely cabin. And then it was time to go up on deck for Sail Away -- as lovely music played, the sails were raised and we bid farewell to Venice.

To visit Nancy Near Philadelphia click here.
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Ellie's Journal: Sailaway from Venice and Learning to Dance in the Rain

Hello, my name is Ellie! Some of you may remember me from three years ago... That's when I blogged last, when I was on Star Flyer in Costa Rica. I'm fifteen years old now, and I'm back again, just on a different ship, Royal Clipper, and having more fun than ever. I'm from Oregon (in the USA) and my favorite sport is sailing, so this is a really fun experience for me.

[caption id="attachment_12653" align="alignnone" width="550"] Ellie in Venice

I've only been on the ship for a couple of days, and I've already made many friends, kids and adults.

My parents and I flew into Venice in the morning of Wednesday, the day that the ship departed. Unlike some of the people on this cruise, we actually had some time to explore the city... I'd seen lots of pictures of Venice before, but seeing it in person makes it so real, and, though there are countless tourist shops, it's so genuine. The canals and bridges and buildings going into the crystal blue water... It is enchanting. It's, simply said, a feast for the eyes.

[caption id="attachment_12638" align="alignnone" width="550"] Musicians on St. Mark's Square

If I were to give you one place that I really think you should go, I think I'd have to say St. Marco Square, la piazza. And I'd also tell you that you should take back alleys, and not follow crowds. My parents and Idid kind of have to go with instincts when we were walking, because it wasn't obvious where to go, or how to get where we wanted to be, but I choose back alleys over the main drags with throngs of people any day. What would life be like without a bit of wandering through a maze of unknown pathways. It sure wouldn't be the Venice charmed us from every unknown square and alleyway.

But finally the big moment came. Our adventure to Croatia, Greece, Sicily, Rome and points inbetween, was set to begin. As the sails rose, and familiar Vangelis song played over the loudspeakers, and everything just sat still for a second. The sun stopped setting, the people stopped talking, the water stopped splashing, and the wind stopped blowing. And that last one wasn't actually a good thing because, you know, we're on a sailing cruise, and sailing involves some wind. And then, it started raining. Pouring. The sky opened up and dumped itself on us.

Everyone ran under the sun covers, because they didn't want to get all wet, but me? Naw, I'm an Oregonian... rain is our sunshine! I thought, "Well now that everyone has cleared out of the prime watching spots, I may as well take advantage of this. Their loss, my gain." So I did just that. I went out on the bow, where there was not a soul to be seen, and stood in the gentle, warm rain, and watched as Venice, Italy quietly slide by and disappear off our stern as night fell. About five minutes went by, and I was still the only person in the rain. Then, one-by-one, people started coming out to stand in the rain with me. So we sailed out of the Grand Canal in a warm, pouring rain, and some people would be upset, but we have to remember that learning how to dance in the rain is one of the biggest lessons in life.

Anyway, we arrived in Rovinj, Croatia at noon yesterday, and it was beautiful. There is an amazing church at the top of a hill in Rovinj, and it has a bell tower that can be seen from far out at sea, and if it fits your idea of fun, you can climb to the top! I wanted to do that very badly, but there's a catch to it. Though going into the church is free (unlike some churches in Venice and other parts of this cruise), you must be wearing appropriate clothing; this means shorts or skirts longer than your knees (or pants, of course) and a shirt that covers your shoulders... If you go on this cruise, which I really hope you do, be sure to plan out your sailing wardrobe and your shore side wardrobe! One thing that I found very helpful was just carrying a long-sleeved shirt, and a longer pair of shorts in a bag. That was my mom's idea... Only a mom would be smart enough to think of that, right? Well, it worked!

I'm off to go swimming with my friends, but I will post again soon! Goodnight.
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Facebook Fan Shares 'Favorite Port Photo of 2012'

We asked our Facebook fans to share with us their "Favorite Port Photos of 2012" and we received some great shots. Special thanks to guest Missy Cretcher for submitting this photo.

I went on the Royal Clipper for my parents' 60th wedding anniversary, sailing from Rome to Venice. It was the most amazing trip ever. Our whole family went (minus my son who was expecting his first child soon). There were 13 of us in total - my parents, my sisters and brother-in-law, my daughter, nieces and nephews. What an incredible experience! My favorite port, since I must choose one, was Taormina, or Korcula or Kotor... don't make me decide. This is one of my favorite photos that I took during my trip. It's the Star Clipper which sailed with us for several days.

Happy sailing,

Missy Cretcher

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