Video: Port to Port in the Eastern Med

Thanks to guest Christoper Mark Rowntree for sharing his love of Star Clippers and taking the time to create this lovely video!

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A Bird's-Eye View of Hydra, Greece

When Star Clipper called at Hydra, Greece, Thomas Weiss climbed to the top of the mount to capture this fabulous video of the island and the tall ship nestled in port. The amazing bird's-eye view was shot using a DJI Phantom Vision+.

Hydra/Greece by DJI Phantom+ from Thomas Weiss on Vimeo.

Here a short video of the lovely Hydra in greece - it´s a small island without an airport or even streets - but do you need such things?

Getting to the point where i filmed the video was not so easy - going up the small mountain during the heat of midday ... i think the output was worth it. -Thomas Weiss

If you want to see the beauty of Hydra for yourself check out Star Clipper's Southern Cyclades itinerary.

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Video: Star Flyer in the Med

Star Clippers guests Albert and Helen Heinel have returned to sail on Star Clippers again and again. In this installment of their video series they managed to capture some fabulous aerials of Star Flyer.

If you enjoyed this video check out some of the Heinel's past videos including a recent Mediterranean trip and a cruise through the Leeward Islands.

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Video: From Athens to Venice

From whitewashed Greek islands to narrow Venetian canals, this video by Helen and Albert Heinel captures the magic of a Star Clippers cruise. Take a look!

Mr.and Mrs. Heinel have taken many Star Clippers cruises and have been kind enough to share their wonderful videos. If you liked this one check out their other videos including Star Flyer Sails Southern France and Italy and Star Clipper Sailing the Leeward Islands!

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Video: Star Clipper Sailing the Leeward Islands

It's Throwback Thursday! While our ships aren't in the Caribbean this time of year, any time is the perfect time to hop onboard Star Clipper and sail through the Leeward Islands. Thanks to guests Helen and Albert Heinel for this wonderful video.

What's your takeaway from the video, the color of the water, the size of the sails or the wildlife at port? Let us know in the comments below!

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Jazz and a Journey

Jochem Laabs is a jazz aficionado and former advertising and PR pro who recently sailed on Star Flyer. He sailing was from Cannes with calls at St. Tropez, France; Calvi, Corsica; Rapallo, Italy; and Monte Carol, Monaco. He is also an avid sailor and was kind enough to put together this video to share the experience of a Star Clippers cruise.

To visit Jochem's YouTube page for more travel and jazz videos click here.

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Video: Star Flyer Sails Southern France & Italy

Want to sail from the glamour of Cannes to the rugged cliffs of Corsica and the old-world charm of Monaco? Hop aboard Star Flyer and cruise around the Med with Helen & Albert Heinel, the creators of this lovely video:

This fabulous itinerary kicked off at the Cannes International Film Festival, May 17, 2014, and returned to the port the following Saturday, May 24, 2014. Along the way Star Flyer called at Calvi, Corsica; Portoferraio, Italy; Lerici, Italy; Monaco and St. Tropez, France.

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Video: Clippers in the Caribbean

Whether you've sailed with Star Clippers before and are nostalgic for the experience or have not and want to see what life at sea is all about, check out this beautiful video of Royal Clipper and Star Clipper sailing alongside one another in the Caribbean.

The video was taken off the coast of Dominica and features shots taken by air and onboard.

Does this video leave you feeling inspired? Let us know what you think in the comments!

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Star Flyer's Rare Glimpse: Total Eclipse at Sea

On Sunday, Nov. 3, 2013, a rare hybrid solar eclipse occurred. Star Flyer guests are on an Ocean Crossing journey and stopped to witness this natural phenomenon.

Check out this slideshow featuring images of the eclipse as seen from the deck.

The ship took a planned early morning stop at Latitude 18º 06, Longitude 039º, to observe the eclipse.

This eclipse was called a hybrid because it is an annular or ring eclipse as it begins, then becomes a total eclipse. For most of the world it appeared as a partial eclipse, but from Star Flyer's location in the Atlantic Ocean the eclipse was total, creating an unforgettable experience, and unrivaled photo opportunity.

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Aerial View of Star Clipper at the Port of Ibiza

Aerocam productions recently shared this fantastic video of Star Clipper and a few other ships docked at the Port of Ibiza.

Take a look!

Star Clipper will visit Ibiza once more this season Tuesday, Oct. 29, 2013, before repositioning to the warm waters of the Caribbean for the winter.

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Video: Scenes from a Star Clippers Sailing

Thanks to guest Helen for sharing this wonderful video taken on her Star Clippers sailing.

We have just returned from a fabulous cruise on the Star Clipper (Athens to Venice 29th June - 10th July). While I was taking photos my husband was filming and so we have made a short video to try to convey how and why we love sailing on that beautiful ship. — Helen Heinel-Szesch

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Video: A Caribbean Voyage on Royal Clipper

Thanks to Barry Cocaeno for sharing this fabulous video slideshow of his 2013 VMI Caribbean Cruise on Royal Clipper. Enjoy!

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