Wine Tasting with a Guest Sommelier Aboard Star Clipper


Celebrity German Chef Bea Schulz, a private chef, instructor and food coach who specializes in gluten- and lactose-free dishes and Sommelier Natalie Lumpp are currently sailing on Star Clipper's Southern Cyclades itinerary. Along the way guests are treated to some delightful wine tasting and food pairing chats on deck.

And just in case guests haven't had enough fabulous wine to drink onboard, the itinerary sails through Greece and Turkey, a region that has been producing great wine since ancient times. Despite the long history of wine production, greek wines are less well-known than other old world varietals. Here's a list of seven fantastic Greek wine varietals to know if you're planning to sail there and want to brush up!*

1. Agiorgitiko
(ah-gee-or-gee-tee-ko): This grape produces lush, velvety reds with black-cherry flavors.

2. Assyrtiko
(ah-sir-tee-ko): A source of minerally, bone-dry, citrus-edged white wines.

3. Athiri
(ah-thee-ree): Wines from this white variety often have a scent of stone fruits, like nectarines.

4. Malagousia
(mah-la-goo-see-ah): This melony, jasmine-scented white was on the brink of extinction before winemaker Evangelos Gerovassiliou began growing it again.

5. Moscofilero
(mos-ko-fi-ler-oh): A primarily Peloponnesian white, its wines have tangerine and blossom scents.

6. Roditis
(ro-dee-tis): Elegant and light-bodied, this pink-skinned grape produces crisp whites and rosés.

7. Xinomavro
(zhee-no-mav-ro): This red has floral and spice aromas, firm tannins, and vibrant fruit.





Will you be joining Star Clippers in Greece this summer? If so, will you be sampling the region's wines?

*Source: Food & Wine
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